Student Employees

Salisbury University offers many opportunities for our students throughout the year. On campus jobs for student workers can be found at Career Services at Career Connections (login with your student username and password). 

Please note that students employed at Salisbury University must sign a Student Employment Agreement that specifically delineates the contract period, average weekly hours and the hourly rate. 

Guidelines for Student Employment 

  • Students may work up to 25 hours/week during academic semesters. 
  • Students may work up to 40 hours/week during the Winter and Summer breaks. 
  • For International Students, on-campus work is limited to no more than 20 total hours per week “while school is in session” 
    *Please see the Student Worker Policy f or additional details. 
  • Students must be enrolled full or part-time (at least 6 semester credit hours). 
  • Upon graduation, student workers will no longer be eligible for employment on a student contract. To continue employment, please follow the contingent hire process. 

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at x.36035 or . 

Forms for Supervisors 

Student Contracts 

Student Workers 

Student and Graduate Assistant Workers 

Salisbury University offers specific opportunities for Graduate and Teaching Assistants along with Federal Work Study Students.