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Payroll Forms

Payroll Authorization Forms

The following forms have been created to standardize requests for payment to non-hourly contractual employees or supplemental contracts for PIN employees. To reduce duplication, increase efficiency and ensure timely payment, please follow these steps when using these forms:

  • Email all signed Pay Authorizations to the email ONLY
    • Do not include other Payroll team members
    • Do not send originals via campus mail
    • Do not send to HR with the Contract
  • Complete a separate form for each “type” of contract:
    • Adjunct
    • Overload
    • Supplemental
    • Concurrent
    • Chair Stipend
  • Complete a separate form for each separate semester and/or date
    • Winter
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Fall
      • October – December
      • August - December

Any combination of contract type, semester or dates for one dept will be returned for re-submission.

Pay Distribution

Contracts cannot be processed without a W4 form and a direct deposit form. If Payroll receives a contract for an employee without W4 and direct deposit forms, either on file already, or attached to the contract, the contract will be returned to the department until the forms are received. This will cause a delay in processing payroll for the employee.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF form fill)

W4 and MW507 Withholding Forms

Employees who currently claim exemption from Federal and/or State income tax withholding must file a Form W-4 and/or Form MW507 annually to retain the exemption. Those employees who currently claim exemption from withholding will find the exemptions block of their Employees Earnings Statement (pay-stub) filled with an "EX" for the appropriate withholding tax. For questions or requests for further information, please call the Central Payroll Bureau at 1-888-674-0019.

Click the link below to access the State of Maryland Payroll Forms web for current W4 and related payroll forms:

Address Changes

The MD Central Payroll Bureau requires the MD State Withholding Form MW 507 for all address changes. Forms are available in the Payroll Office HH215 or the Human Resources Office HH153. The form can also be printed from the State of Maryland Payroll Forms web.

Instructions: the most effective way to accomplish a tax and/or address change is to use the MD Central Payroll Bureau (CPB)’s online system POSC*. Once complete, print the confirmation sheet and forward to SU Human Resources in order to update the address change in SU’s systems. Salisbury University is not notified directly by CPB of any tax and/or address changes.

*SU Payroll can assist you with signing into the POSC site. SU Payroll can provide you with your most recent check/advice number.  If you need SU Payroll’s assistance, please email Salisbury University’s Agency Code is 36.02.29. If you have a POSC sign-on and have forgotten it, then there are links on the POSC site to recover these items; SU cannot assist with this as it is a State of MD site. Please note that Salisbury University does not maintain employees’ tax records, as this is done by the Central Payroll Bureau.