COVID-19 Precautions Continue for Summer

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Salisbury University is committed to keeping our community safe, healthy and informed. Please check this page regularly for information on COVID-19 (formerly known as the 2019-nCoV coronavirus). This page will be updated as information changes.  

SU COVID-19 Briefings

Dr. Wight in his office

SU COVID-19 Briefing – July 8, 2021

Each month this summer, Salisbury University President Charles Wight is delivering a virtual briefing on COVID-19. Highlights from this month’s briefing include:

  • New variants of the COVID-19 are spreading rapidly among those who have not yet received the vaccine.
  • Some people have been uncertain about getting vaccinated, especially with vaccines that employ messenger RNA technology. President Wight explains how these vaccines work, and why they are safe and effective.
  • Most people have a minor reaction to the vaccine. This is a good thing, signaling that the immune system has detected the presence of the spike protein that makes the vaccine effective and is starting to manufacture the antibodies that may be needed later to attack the real virus.
  • The three vaccines approved by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization are known to be safe and effective. The occurrence of adverse side effects is extremely rare, and the risks associated with those side effects are much smaller than the risks of serious illness from COVID-19.
  • At SU, we are looking forward to getting back to our normal high-energy educational environment this fall. Getting everyone vaccinated is the key to success for keeping us all healthy and safe.
  • Next briefing scheduled Thursday, August 12.

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Protect The Flock

Summer 2021 Information

In fall 2020, SU developed comprehensive plans and guidelines to support the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and community. These guidelines are expected to continue in summer 2021. Please review the policies and procedures, and visit the Informed Employees and Informed Students & Families pages to help answer your questions. Please also view our Health & Safety Resources to learn how to help protect the flock while learning and working on campus.

Protect The Flock

Overview & Guidelines

SU's COVID-19 Task Force and its Planning Teams continue to assess the University’s needs and plans for operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. SU’s primary goals are to protect students, faculty and staff, and continue the institution’s vital missions of education, service and community engagement. SU’s original fall 2020 Return-to-Campus Overview is available to download, as well as current, specific Return-to-Campus Guides for Employees and Students.

Campus Health Questions

If you have questions or are seeking more specific information about screening, testing protocols, illness, positive tests, campus access or other health-related topics, please visit the Campus Health webpage.

Policies & Procedures

SU’s policies and procedures for responding to COVID-19 are rooted in safety for our students, faculty and staff and the surrounding community. Below is more information about new protocols necessary to help support health and safety. Sea Gulls take care of each other!

Resources for Health & Safety

Limiting the spread of COVID-19 takes both an institutional and individual commitment. SU is following all state and local public health guidelines and has taken steps to make campus safer, while still delivering an excellent education for students. We all have a shared personal responsibility to adjust our behaviors. All campus community members are encouraged to make basic health and safety practices part of your daily routine. 

Help Protect the Flock and learn more about:

Need More Information?

Looking for details on Academics, Athletics, Dining, Housing, Student Activities, Student Health Services, etc.? Visit the Informed Students & Families webpage for more details on these areas and more.

Have questions about positive tests or failed screenings? Looking for the testing dashboard? Visit the COVID-19 Testing webpage.