Current Employees at Salisbury University

Current Employees at Salisbury University

Faculty Resources

A USM employee holding a Tenured or Tenured Track Faculty Rank and working on a concurrent administrative appointment shall not be considered a Staff employee, serves at the pleasure of the President and remains subject to USM policies applicable to faculty. Faculty employees are covered by policies in Section II of this USM-BOR policy manual. See USM-BOR II-1.00 Policy on Appointment, Rank and Tenure of Faculty, and USM-BOR II-1.03 Policy on Concurrent Faculty and Administrative Appointments.

Staff Resources


A reasonable effort needs to be made to distribute overtime opportunities as equally as possible among all qualified and interested employees within a specific job classification in their respective department/office. The form provided below can assist in tracking voluntary overtime.

General Information

Address Change Information

Other Policies

Workers Compensation Information

Regular Work Schedule Change

A change in a regular work schedule requires a 14-calendar day advance written notice to the employee. The Work Schedule Change form should be utilized to communicate the change in work schedule. A copy of the completed form is forwarded to the Office of Human Resources to be filed in the personnel folder.

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