Library Hours

You can view the hours for the various branches of the SU Libraries below. You will also find hours for departments or areas within the Libraries.

The Guerrieri Academic Commons hours refer to the times that the library stacks and service desks are open. At the listed time, all areas outside of the designated 24-hour area will be closed. Please note that a Gull Card is required to enter the building after 10 pm Sunday-Thursday. Also, departments within the Guerrieri Academic Commons, such as the IT Help Desk, the Center for Student Achievement (CSA), the University Writing Center, and Instructional Design & Delivery (ID&D) may keep different hours.

The 24-Hour Space indicates the hours for the area of the Guerrieri Academic Commons that is open to members of the SU community during the overnight hours. Although it is typically open 24/5, closings for holidays and during inter-session periods will be posted here. Please note that only SU faculty, staff, and students are allowed to remain in the 24-hour space after the rest of the building has closed. Those remaining in the building may be asked to show their Gull Card by building security. The purpose of the 24-Hour Space is to provide a quiet area for studying, not sleeping. Sleeping anywhere in the Guerrieri Academic Commons is prohibited.