Salisbury University students on campus

Choptank Hall

Choptank Hall is a new student, high-rise, cluster, co-ed, residence hall. It houses 220 students with a building director and 5 resident assistants. Each cluster is single-gendered. Choptank Hall was renovated in 2012.

  • Double rooms are approximately 9' x 12'6" and triple rooms are approximately 12' x 25'.
  • Windows are approximately 55" x 56".
  • Furniture is a loft system.


  • Cluster doors open off the main hallway with each room door opening off of the smaller cluster hallway
  • All rooms are carpeted
  • Cluster bathrooms have 2 sinks, 2 showers and 2 stalls
  • Study lounge, TV Lounge and a classroom is located on the main floor
  • Ethernet and wireless connection per student
  • Cable TV connection per room
  • Heat/Air Conditioning
  • Microwave and stove on main floor
  • Housekeeping services the student bathrooms twice a week and maintains all common areas.
  • Central laundry facility on the main floor (laundry detergent is provided)
  • Resident Gull Card access to doors 24 hours a day
  • Vending machines
  • ADA accessible


Choptank Hall Exterior


Choptank Hall Classroom

Common Area

Choptank Hall Common Area - students playing pool

Choptank Hall Lounge

Double Room

Choptank Hall Double Room - bed/desk next to window

Choptank Hall Double Room - top bunk bed with desk underneath

Triple Room

Choptank Hall Triple Room - three beds

Laundry Room

Choptank Hall Laundry Room