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Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness refers to the health of your physical body. Nutrition, movement, and mindfulness of the functions of your body on a biological level are the main factors in this, however all eight dimensions of health play an almost equal role in maintaining and supporting physical wellness.

Practice Positive Decision Making

  • Physical Activity - Our bodies were created to foster movement; discover what kind of movement you enjoy and do it often! SU has a huge variety of movement based clubs and classes.
  • Illness Prevention - Food is medicine. The state of your body directly reflects what you put into it, how you move it, and how you abuse it. Remember that illness prevention has direct ties to emotional wellness.
  • Alcohol/Drugs - Remember to not abuse by making them a primary method of stress release and socialization.
  • Sexual Health - Feel secure within yourself and empowered within your sexuality. Approach sex from a place of respect for yourself and others as equals. Protection is important, but stay aware of potential health complications. If you feel something is wrong, it probably is.
  • Sleep - Proper rest is essential for full brain function. This will help you stay clear while you work on daily maintenance of all dimensions of health.
  • Nutrition - Eat a rainbow of fresh, whole foods. Try to eliminate your ingestion of processed foods. Remember, you are what you eat. These days, we all have a general knowledge of the spectrum of foods available and what typically falls within the more healthful range. Do a little research and use your intuition. Take note of how your body, both physical and emotional, feels on a day to day basis and begin to relate to nutrition as a possible cause or cure.