Salisbury University students on campus

Social & Interpersonal Wellness

Social/Interpersonal Wellness refers to the daily interactions you have with others, their quality, and personal social skills. This dimension of wellness also addresses the human desire for a sense of belonging and community contribution.

Social & Interpersonal Wellness is...

  • achieved when you are actively participating in your environment to the best of your abilities.
  • a comprehensive understanding of your specific role in society and how the positive contributions you make ultimately affect all beings.
  • an awareness of the communicative and energetic symbiosis/exchange which must occur between you, others, your community, and nature in order to feel socially well.
  • relying heavily upon self-image and self-imposed limitations.
  • having the courage and confidence to emanate all you stand for.

Tips for Improving Social & Interpersonal Wellness

  • Recognize the personal power you contain, release fear.
  • Check out volunteer opportunities in your community- if you feel particularly lacking in this aspect of health, make it a point to push yourself! College is the ideal place to experiment with this.
  • If you feel you are lacking in casual social interaction, make it a point to stay open all day. College is bustling with people, all you must do to have a meaningful interaction is produce and direct enough energy out of you via words and body language to make the communication real and intentional; shallow communication will leave you unfulfilled, whereas even the smallest meaningful conversation can impact your entire day.
  • Attend a SOAP or other campus event and make more friends!
  • Take time to listen to your friends – helping others can make you feel better! Thoughtful listening can help you to open up.
  • Make Salisbury your home. Settle in. Treat the town like your hometown, because for the time being, it is! Explore and absorb all of the wonderful things the Bury has to offer. Go outside of Rt. 13.