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Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness is being aware of the very serious role human beings play as the primary caretakers of Earth. Every single you choice you make has an environmental repercussion. The key is in learning to make decisions based upon this mindfulness. We are not separate from the planet on which we live; every positive, wholesome choice made for the Earth is a positive, wholesome choice made for every other aspect of our health.

Environmental Wellness Involves...

  • Learning what is good and bad for the Earth and how your choices directly and indirectly further one of the two polarities.
  • Being aware of the state of the Earth's resources and atmosphere.
  • Mapping out ways you can alter your everyday choices to walk in alignment with your role of Primary Earth Caretaker.

Tips for Improving Environmental Wellness

  • Recycle!
  • Volunteer your time to a worthy cause and do research to make sure said cause is worthy of your time. Not every cause has genuine intentions; shade is real and we live in the age of rapid technological growth; the internet is your friend- there is no excuse for ignorance.
  • There are no insignificant positive choices; every time you pick up a piece of trash, choose to eat organically, throw away cigarette butts, avoid junk food, help a fellow human being, speak from a place of love...anything you could intuitively conceive of as being a "positive choice" has a positive impact on the environment.
  • Research the effects existing environmental damage can have on you and protect yourself and others from these environmental hazards. For example, you could look up your county's water quality report, look up the effects of added chemicals and substances; really dig around for both sides of the bias. Realize you may not currently be in control of much of what enters your body or consciousness, realize what entities are in control, and most importantly, realize you are totally capable of making the shift...step into the position of control which is your birthright.
  • Someone is always profiting from your state of health or moreover, your state of dis-ease.


  • Campus Sustainability and Safety -  Salisbury University actively considers environmental concerns in all of our operations. From our 22-year-old recycling program to our careful planning of new campus facilities, SU's commitment to sustainability is a major part of our overall master plan
  • SGA's Sustainability Initiative - The Student Government Association puts on events that promote environmental awareness and volunteer opportunities for students who participate in many campus organizations dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment.
  • Environmental Clubs at Salisbury - Clubs focused on promoting understanding and awareness of environmental issues, to provide educational guidance and career development.
  • CSIL Wellness in GUC...come talk to us