Salisbury University students on campus

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness denotes a balance between living comfortably in the moment while being mindful of the financial requirements of the future. Empowerment and feeling in control of this financial balance is the goal.

Financial Wellness Involves...

  • having a real, unclouded understanding of your personal income and the financial requirements of your lifestyle.
  • being comfortable with where your money comes from and where it is going, as well as developing a sense of autonomy.
  • caring for your finances so that you can handle financial changes.


  • Financial Aid- The Financial Aid Office at Salisbury University is prepared to assist Salisbury students in the process of securing the resources necessary to afford a college education
  • Financial Department- Finance is defined as the art and science of making decisions involving money in a variety of contexts. The Finance Department studies Financial Management, Financial Markets and Institutions, Investments, and Financial Planning