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Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness is the personal connection to whatever energy, entity, philosophy, or belief that makes you feel whole as a human being; that which completes the trinity of mind, body, and spirit. Spiritual Wellness is feeling complete and supported, it is feeling purposeful, it is feeling at ease, it is light, it is our shared human lifeline.

Spiritual Wellness...

  • is based solely on the core beliefs and values of your being. You can be told a million different ways to be spiritual but it is up to you to feel out what being spiritual is to you.
  • is the tolerance of others and their beliefs while remaining true to oneself.
  • does not necessarily denote religion, although religion is most certainly not excluded. Spiritual Wellness is diving deep into the depths of your soul to find what resonates with you.
  • is an appreciation for the profound miracle of life and the respect of natural forces and laws that exist in the universe. Spiritual Wellness encourages mindfulness in all things so that you may learn from your experiences therefore revealing to yourself the underlying lessons in all experiences, no matter the magnitude, and walk forward with integration toward becoming the fullest, brightest version of you possible.
  • teaches us that when things get tough with-out that you must go with-in.
  • teaches us the meaning of trust and faith in the universe and our chosen philosophy, but even more importantly, in ourselves.

Tips for improving Spiritual Wellness

  • Set aside uninterrupted time for objective reflection each day.
  • If you are new to spirituality, research! Attend events, talk to people, read etc. or simply work to sit comfortably in the stillness of the present moment, feel the breath of energy rising and falling within you, and because of this, rest assured in your divinity.

Salisbury University Resources

  • GUC Spirituality Center- The spirituality center room is used by many organizations on campus, including yoga classes and religious organizations. This room is open to any group and can be reserved through facility reservations.
  • Counseling Services - Individual and group counseling are offered to assist students in dealing with a variety of psychological concerns including depression, academic difficulties, relationship concerns, anxiety, eating disorders, identity confusion, loss, and family concerns, etc.
  • Philosophy Department- The Philosophy Department embraces pluralism in their approach to all philosophical disciplines, and takes pride in developing a strong sense of community with and among Salisbury University Students.
  • RSO Webpage- This site lists several different spiritual clubs and the person to contact if you are interested in joining or attending.