Clubs and Organizations

Bio Environs

The purpose of the Bioenvirons Club is to promote understanding and awareness of environmental issues, to provide educational guidance and career development in the field of environmental science, and to provide recreational activities and wilderness opportunities for members.

Advisor: Dr. Ann Barse

President: Hanna McFadden

Gardening Club

The Gardening Club, a completely student-run organization, was started in early 2012, its purpose to establish and maintain the front vegetable garden located near the corner of Camden and College Avenues. The club supplies produce to local restaurants and works with local farms in the area, and in the future hopes to include public schools in their outreach to educate the community. Membership is open to all students; members get to share the delicious results of their labors!

Advisor: Jay Martin

President: Keating Beach

Environmental Students Association

The Environmental Students Association is an activity-oriented group of environmentally-minded students working to build community, achieve campus sustainability, and improve our relationships with the natural world. Join us for eco-conscious cooking, habitat building, Green Fund project creation, eco education and much more! Membership is open to all full time students and alumni.

Advisor: Dr. Tami Ransom

Club Contact

Outdoor Club

The Outdoor Club began in 1981 as a student organization to promote conservation activities and environmental awareness in the University community. Since its inception, students have participated in outdoor adventures as far away as Florida, Canada, and Texas. Locally, trips have been taken to Assateague Island and the Pocomoke River. The club is dedicated to serving all students wishing to participate and to educating all students in survival skills and conservation philosophy.

Advisor: Eric Liebgold

President: Catherine Raley