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Writing Across the Curriculum

Salisbury University is committed to assisting out students to improve their writing via writing assignments in every academic course per a national program known as Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), whose programs share the philosophy that writing instruction should happen across the academic community and throughout a student’s undergraduate education.

Since its founding in 1984, SU’s program has been enhanced through faculty training seminars, the Student Excellence in Writing publication of outstanding student efforts, and support from the provost, deans, department heads and the WAC Board. Support from essentially all faculty has been committed and enthusiastic. P

Faculty Manual

The SU Writing Across the Curriculum Faculty Manual assists faculty in our shared responsibility of incorporating writing into the courses we teach, allowing students to discover knowledge through this process and to develop and improve their writing skills.

Additional WAC Information

Writing Intensive Course Designs

Check out course descriptions and assignment sequences for a variety of writing-intensive courses all across the curriculum.

Writing Assignments from a Variety of Disciplines

We provide sample writing assignments from a variety of disciplines.

WAC Faculty Seminars

In general, the WAC seminars provide an opportunity for faculty from different departments to talk about a range of curricular issues surrounding writing and its place in the classroom. Two different seminars are offered: WAC I and WAC II.