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Using MyClasses for Writing Processes & Projects

Many times, tools available in a learning management system (LMS) have some default uses, such as using discussion boards for discussions among students on teacher-initiated prompts. However, these tools can be reimagined and repurposed according to our pedagogical needs. Since all the tools are available within the same learning management platform (e.g. Canvas MyClasses at Salisbury University), it would be intuitive and manageable for both the instructors and the students to use these tools for as many purposes as possible. This approach saves time as it helps ease the training of students for the technology and managing the learning process as the course progresses. Using familiar technologies that are also available on MyClasses also helps prevent shifting the focus from learning the content to learning and mastering the technology tool that is needed to learn that content.

There are several asynchronous and synchronous technology tools available in MyClasses to utilize in different stages of the writing process or class projects for peer review purposes.

Request Access to the MyClasses page for more including:

  • Synchronous tools in MyClasses
  • Asynchronous tools in MyClasses
  • Discussion Boards
  • Presentation tools
  • Social/Collaborative reading tools