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Fulton School Grants

Welcome to the Fulton School Grants webpage. The Fulton School encourages all faculty members to consider applying for appropriate and promising grant opportunities. The pursuit of grants is a strategic priority of the Fulton School. This page is designed to help Fulton faculty become familiar with our funding landscape, and the many opportunities available for a wide range of research and projects.

The purpose and value of grants

Grants support research and/or research-related travel. They can also make the most ambitious research projects possible. Grants support academic events—from lectures and performances, to conferences and study abroad programs—that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to accomplish without such funding. Grants can also be used to acquire new teaching skills, develop new courses, or even offer courses that carry unusual costs. Other benefits include: Advancing knowledge in the faculty member’s field, enhancing the teaching and learning experience of faculty and students, and contributing to the SU academic community and mission. Grants come in all amounts, and even the smallest grants can leverage much larger ones down the road. It all starts, though, with identifying a grant opportunity that is right for one’s project and then pursuing it.

Kuali Research Portal

Kuali Research is SU's electronic system for routing, submitting, and monitoring grants and other sponsored programs. Kuali is your 'go to' site for initiating the grant writing process at SU: login to Kuali, gain access, find training, and more.

Help and support in your pursuit of grants

Any faculty member who chooses to apply for a grant can count on all appropriate help and support during the process from the Fulton Dean’s Office and the Office of Sponsored Programs. The Office of Sponsored Programs is your one-stop shop for finding, receiving, and managing grants, fellowships, and other external funds for your sponsored research or public service project. The OSP partners with faculty and staff to provide high-quality research administration, responsible stewardship of funds, and sound policies and management of external funds. Faculty members who need help getting started may contact Dr. Chrys Egan, Fulton School Associate Dean at 410.677.5384, or the Office of Sponsored Programs at 410.543.6000.