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Fulton School Grant Information

Welcome to the Fulton School Grants webpage. The Fulton School encourages all faculty members to consider applying for appropriate and promising grant opportunities. The pursuit of grants is a strategic priority of the Fulton School. This page is designed to help Fulton faculty become familiar with our funding landscape, and the many opportunities available for a wide range of research and projects.

The Fulton School of Liberal Arts supports the professional development of its faculty, as manifested via research and other significant developmental activities that enhance teaching capabilities and contribute to the advancement of knowledge. All full-time faculty members in Fulton are eligible to apply. Fulton Faculty Grants are supported through the Charles R. and Martha N. Fulton Endowment and through the indirect costs generated by faculty grant-writing activity. The Fulton Faculty Grants Committee screens all applications.

Application Deadlines for 2023-2024

We now offer an expedited application review 8 times per academic year in addition to the full committee review which still occurs 3 times per academic year.

Expedited Committee:

An expedited approval process is now available to Fulton faculty members who have been accepted to present their scholarly work or creative activity at reputable academic conferences germane to their disciplines.

  • Due on the first of the month during the fall and spring semesters (September-December, February-May)
  • Submitted applications will receive a response within 3 weeks. Applicants should determine the best time to submit the application in advance of the conference itself, assuming they would like assurance of funding prior to incurring expenses.

Full Committee Review:

Full Committee Applications are awarded three times annually; reassigned time is awarded twice annually. Applications must be received no later than 5 pm on the following dates:

  • Submit by September 7th: For grants in support of work conducted between October 1st and January 31st, or for Spring release/reassigned time.
  • Submit by January 7th: For grants in support of work conducted between February 1st and May 31st, or for Fall release/reassigned time.
  • Submit by May 7th: For grants in support of work conducted between June 1st and September 30th.

NOTE: If the above date is a holiday or a weekend day, the deadline is 5 pm the next business/working day.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make certain that the completed proposal is submitted by the published deadline. Late applications will not be considered. All decisions of the committee are final.

Fulton Faculty Grant Committee Members AY 2024-2025:

Name Department Membership
Michael Desper Theatre/Dance Voting
Meredith Morgoch Communication Voting
Emin Lelic’ History Voting
Ryan Sporer Sociology Voting
Corinne Pubill Modern Languages Voting
Chrys Egan Dean's Office Non-Voting



Application Process (Full review and Expedited)

All Fulton Faculty Grant applications and all supporting materials must be submitted electronically via email to Request for Travel forms must be submitted via hard copy, with required signatures, directly to the Dean's Office by the application deadline. Please note that a completed Request for Travel form is required for all applications that include travel, be it in or out of state.

  • Application form (full or expedited)
  • Budget (SU Expense Account form; this can be saved and used again for your submission of reimbursable costs- see sample)
  • Applicants must use their departmental funds first or document the planned use of their departmental professional development funds by providing a copy of their professional development plan.
  • Budgets must reflect an effort to secure best available pricing on travel and accommodations (hotel conference rate or better). Excess costs or fees may result in full committee review and delay your decision.
  • Documentation of all expenses (screen prints)
  • Acceptance to present (if for presentation)
  • Request for Travel form (if for travel)

Submission Procedure:

Submitters must scan their application documents and submit them as a single, multi-page PDF document. This can be done using applications such as Adobe Pro*, as well as services like JPEG to PDF or Google Drive’s scan function, both of which are free and allow users to simply take pictures of documents with their phones and combine them into a single PDF. Please remember that it is also possible to save a Word document as a PDF, which may be the most straightforward option for some. In addition, applicants may opt to use one of the multifunction machines on campus through which they can scan to PDF. (*Please note that some fillable PDF forms are often password protected, which can prevent the act of combining them with other PDF files using certain applications.)


All full-time faculty members of the Fulton School of Liberal Arts, including full-time non-tenure track faculty, may apply for a Fulton Faculty Grant for up to $3,000 per academic year. No applications will be considered from previous Fulton faculty grant recipients who have not submitted their most recent post-grant reports (1-2 pages) prior to submission of a new application.

Research and Development

Individuals may apply for a monetary grant or reassigned time in order to expand disciplinary expertise by:

  • engaging in a research project
  • writing a book, book chapter, or article
  • participating in a special art exhibit, performance, or other creative work;
  • developing a grant proposal for submission to a government agency or private foundation.

Grants may cover reimbursable research expenses, including travel for purposes of research, presentation, exhibition or performance.

Individuals may also apply for reassigned time in order to:

  • increase the ability to use new scholarship in teaching
  • become proficient in new areas of specialization or creativity
  • revise or create a new curriculum program.

Priority in funding will be given to projects that:

  • are likely to lead to one or more publications or to a major grant proposal
  • entail a conference presentation of significant scholarly merit
  • will result in curricular innovation that advances the mission and Strategic Plan of Salisbury University, the Fulton School and the program in question.


  • Fulton Grants are competitive. It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure that his/her application clearly explains the significance of the work for which support is being requested to a non-discipline specific audience.
  • Applications for multiple projects, up to $3,000, during the same grant period will be considered but must be separate applications and prioritized.
    • Multiple protects at the same destination should be submitted together clearly explaining the two parts and prioritized.
  • Applications related to curriculum development must also include a statement from the faculty member’s department chair regarding the proposal and its contribution to the faculty member’s development and that of the program in question.
  • • Applications in support of a project that requires more than a week’s absence from campus during the fall or spring semester, or, in combination with other activities during the semester in question, takes the faculty member away from campus for more than a week, must include a statement of support from the faculty member’s department chair. For more information, see the Fulton Faculty Absence Policy.
  • Applications for reassigned time must include a statement from the faculty member’s chair regarding how the department will cover the loss of the faculty member related to the reassigned time being requested. A maximum of $3,000 will be transferred to the department to help cover replacement costs.
  • Applications for the funding of projects that include human subjects must include an approval statement from the SU Institutional Research Board (IRB) Committee on Human Research.
  • Fulton Grant awards may cover 100% of the requested amount or a percentage thereof, depending on the availability of funds, up to a maximum of $3,000.
  • The Fulton Grants Committee will notify each applicant of the Committee’s decision within three weeks of the application submission deadline.
  • Fulton Grants will NOT pay for the following.
    • Credit bearing tuition towards an additional degree
    • Conference attendance without a formal presentation; specific project, just as solely moderating, responding, or judging.
    • Membership fees


Please click on the appropriate link below to access the Fulton Faculty Grant Application (full committee review) or the Expedited Conference Travel Grant Application (due on the 1st of the month). This form must be completed and submitted via email to Cyndi Funkhouser ( by the established deadlines. Eligible faculty may apply for FFG funding after the relevant professional development event takes place, as long as both the application and the event fall within the same fiscal year. However, applicants are still expected to submit a Request for Travel form to their department chair for approval, which should be on file in Accounts Payable prior to travel. When doing so, the applicant should indicate their intention to apply for Fulton Faculty Funds, and should ensure that the signed Request for Travel form be forwarded to Cyndi Funkhouser ( at the time of approval.

Please refer to the guidelines and checklist to make sure you have submitted all necessary documents.

Fulton Faculty Grant Checklist

Have you?

  • Completed the application?
  • Attached your budget (completed SU Expense Account Form)?
  • Listed all sources of funding?
  • If no other funding have you explained why?
  • Verified total funding equals budget?
  • Attached all supporting documentation?
    • Letter of acceptance
    • Registration fee
    • Hotel costs (including taxes)
    • Airfare or mileage costs
    • Taxi or shuttle costs
    • Meals (per diem amount for how many days?)
  • Will the travel create more than a week’s absence from campus?
  • Have you submitted the request for travel form (with chair signature)?
  • Have you received approval from the IRB (if includes human subjects)?
  • Have you included a statement from your Chair (if this is for release time)?