Salisbury University students on campus

International Opportunities

Developing and directing a Fulton-based study abroad program

Over the years, many Fulton study abroad programs have been launched, allowing for study in London, Ghana, Argentina, and far beyond. Each of these programs was initiated by a Fulton faculty member who developed the program from scratch with an emphasis on student needs, and interest.

Teaching Abroad

The Fulton School also encourages faculty who wish to teach abroad. These opportunities also provide life-changing experiences for both the faculty member and the students they teach. There are more student-and-faculty exchange agreements in place than ever before, including partner institutions in China, Ecuador, England, Estonia, Ghana, Scotland and Spain, with more to come.

Bring a Foreign Scholar to Your Department

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program allows Fulton faculty to pursue sponsoring and bringing to campus short-term scholars, and visiting professors from foreign locales. SU's designation by the U.S. State Department as a sponsoring institution is a significant step in the globalization of our campus. Faculty and their home departments are strongly encouraged to bring exchange scholars to campus. Please visit the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program webpage for more information.

The Fulton School supports each of these endeavors. Therefore, if you have any ideas related to the programs above, please contact Associate Dean Chrys Egan (410.677.5384). You can also contact the Salisbury University Center for International Education, and review their information for interested faculty.