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Fulton Curriculum Committee

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The Committee Role

  • Receives curriculum proposals from departments.
  • Reviews proposals and submits approved proposals to the University Curriculum Committee (UCC).
  • Provides feedback and suggests revisions to the department chair for proposals that are not approved.

The Committee Composition

The committee has six voting members: five faculty serving two-year terms and one faculty elected by the Faculty Senate serving a three-year term as a representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. The School Dean or designee, Registrar or designee, Library Liaison, and Advising Services Coordinator shall be ex officio and non-voting members. The committee shall elect its chairperson annually.

The Fulton Curriculum Committee Members for Spring 2021

Jason McCartney


Chair - Voting

Shawn McEntee



Michael Desper

Music, Theatre, Dance


Beth Towle



Celine Carayon



Matt Saltzberg

Music, Theatre, Dance

UCC Representative - Voting

Angeline Prichard



Elizabeth Kressin



Chrys Egan

Dean’s Office


John Anello

Advising Services



Meeting Dates and Deadlines for Spring 2021

Proposal deadline 5PM FCC meeting date
January 21 January 28, 2021
February 4 February 11, 2021
February 18 February 25, 2021
March 4 March 11, 2021
March 18 March 25, 2021
April 1 April 8, 2021
April 15 April 22, 2021

Purpose of the Fulton School Curriculum Committee

The members of the Fulton School Curriculum Committee are committed to the integrity and quality of the Liberal Arts Curriculum of Salisbury University. We are dedicated to working with faculty and the University Curriculum Committee in making adjustments to the Liberal Arts Curriculum that uphold the University’s commitment to a quality education and academic integrity. Bearing in mind that the Fulton School carries the largest share of General Education offerings, we are particularly attentive to the breadth and depth as well as diversity of the School’s offerings.

In the hope of maintaining fidelity in form and content to the standards of the School, the University and the great traditions of the liberal arts, the following issues are considered during procedural review of all proposals submitted to the committee: