Fulton Hall
Fulton Faculty Colloquium

Fulton Faculty Colloquium

Featuring the teaching, scholarship and service of faculty members from across the Fulton School, the colloquia celebrate both the work of individual faculty and our disciplinary diversity. Please join your Fulton colleagues virtually this year for a series of thought-provoking colloquia! Free and open to the public.

Fall 2023 Fulton Faculty Colloquia

First Tuesday of the Month (except when noted*)
3:30-5 p.m. • Conway Hall 152

  • Featuring the research and creative work of faculty members from across the Fulton School of Liberal Arts, the colloquia celebrate both the work of individual faculty and the disciplinary diversity of the school.
  • For Information: 410-543-6450.
  • Download Event Flyer (PDF)

September 5

  • Aston Gonzalez (History)
    “Benjamin Banneker and the Making and Memory of Maryland’s Black Genius”
  • Vinita Agarwal (Communication)
    “A Whole Person View: Accomplishing Happiness, Health and Well Being in Everyday Life”

October 3

  • Heidi Fritz (Psychology)
    “Resilience in the Face of Chronic Medical Stress: Reflections on Three Empirical Studies”
  • Elsie Walker (English)
    “Understanding Movies for Greater Well-Being, Heart Intelligence and Happiness”

November 7

  • April Logan (English)
    “The Black Poetess: A New Women’s Rights Movement Genealogy”
  • David Gladden (Art)
    “Night Blooms”

December 5

  • Anjali Pandey (English)
    “Cosmetic Multilingualism in the Age of Cultural Commerce: Surveying Trends”
  • Dean Kotlowski (History)
    “Australia’s Presidents? Herbert Hoover and Lyndon Johnson Remembered”

Should you have any questions, or suggestions, regarding the FFC, please do not hesitate to contact Associate Dean Chrys Egan at cnegan@salisbury.edu.