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In our highly competitive global economy, a degree from SU’s Management and Marketing Department’s ensures you have knowledge, skills and abilities to navigate this complex world effectively and competitively.

The Management and Marketing Department offers a wide variety of courses intended for both business and non-business students. Management courses include topics such as the management of human resources, finances, raw materials and information. As a management student, you will learn how to set goals, formulate strategies, motivate people and monitor performance. Marketing courses prepare you to work in areas such as advertising, sales, market research, product planning, purchasing, transportation and public relations. Through an ABLE internship, you can gain on-the-job experience and discover how your talents, personality and approach to work will play an important role in your professional development.

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Employers are looking for students who have worked all the way through a project. You don’t give them a rubric; you just give them the assignment and get out of the way. They set their own deadlines, and if it’s something that’s too big for one person to handle alone so they have to learn how to work in teams, that’s even better.
Paula Morris Management and Marketing Department Faculty

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  • 28 USCA Members, Including SU's MASMI
  • 50 Annual MASMI Championship Participants
  • 400 K Non-Profit $ Raised by Students

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