Collection/Donation Box Policies

We welcome campus organizations to place collection or donation boxes in the Guerrieri Academic Commons. Please submit a request and follow the policies listed below.

  1. Requests are accepted only from sponsoring organizations/offices affiliated with Salisbury University.
  2. Requests must be made at least 1 week in advance.
  3. Signs may be placed only on the boxes, and they must comply with the SU Student Code of Conduct.  
  4. The contact person listed above is responsible for retrieving the boxes at the end of the collection period
  5. Box(es) should be placed across from the Library Service Desk.
  6. SU Libraries staff are not responsible for the boxes or their contents.
  7. The placement of collection boxes is subject to approval by SU Libraries staff.   There is a limit to the available space, so submitting a request is not a guarantee that you will be permitted to places boxes in the GAC.
  8. All aspects of the request must comply with the SU Student Code of Conduct.

Submit a Collection Box Request