Any sponsored travel must qualify as either educational or professional, with the exception of sport clubs, as that will be included in their overall operational budget.

  1. Educational Travel- This is defined as an opportunity to learn, present or be trained in a particular area of academia or student engagement. Students should be able to take something from this trip and bring it back to campus to further the overall student experience or highlight what is happening as a result of being a SU student.
  2. Professional Travel- This is defined as an opportunity to connect with a professional organization or association that is directly connected to the mission of the RSO. This should allow participants to learn more about a particular functional area, provide insights into the job search or other opportunities that would align with students’ aspirations beyond college.

In order to be approved for travel, every student should have the opportunity to participate/be selected to attend the event/conference. If only executive members, starting players, or students at a certain status (Junior or Senior) are the only students allowed to participate, Appropriations has the right to retract funding.

Travel Request FAQs