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Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

Funding & Purchasing

Submitting a Funding Request

  1. Submit 4 WEEKS (minimum) pror to event (additional time may be needed for more complex events)
  2. Submit a “Request for Funding”  form through Involved@SU that
    • Includes all event details
    • Outlines all costs related to the event
    • Includes documentation for each cost listed in your request
      • Invoice, quote, and screenshot that shows the cost
      • Hiring a performer? The following documentation is required:
        • W-9
        • Certificate of Insurance (COI)
        • Invoice
  3. Attend a Funding Meeting
    • Someone who is knowledgeable of the event details must attend
    • You will usually receive a funding decision within two business days after your meeting.
  4. Schedule an appointment with Susie West to make purchases and other arrangements
    • NO purchases/arrangements will be made for items not included in the funding decision
    • Any purchase more than the funding decision will be the responsibility of the organization

How to Submit a Funding Request (Video)

Funding FAQs

Purchasing FAQs

New to 2023-24 Academic Year: Roles of the Director of Finance and Appropriations/Finance Board

  • Director of Finance and Appropriations
    • Member of SGA’s Executive Board
    • Elected through campus-wide voting during the Student Government elections
    • May not be part of more than two student organizations
    • May not be on the Executive Board with the exception of SGA
    • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA
  • Finance Board
    • The Finance Board is an extension of the Student Government Association
    • Consists of 5-7 student members
    • Members are selected through interview process conducted by the Director of Finance
    • All funding requests for events and travel must go through a “request” process overseen by the Director of Finance and Appropriations, and the Finance Board. It is important that you plan well in advance to ensure that you have time to submit your request, have it approved, and get items purchased/travel arrangements made.

Registered student organizations are eligible to request funds from the Finance Board. The Board oversees the allocation of the student activities fees collected from all undergraduate students. Student activities fees cannot be used to purchase personal items, alcohol, gift cards (other than to the SU Bookstore), personal trips, fund political campaigns, as donations to other organizations. RSOs and FSL chapters are provided with a campus account to be used for fundraising. The funds can be used to buy items not funded by the Finance Board with the exception of alcohol and gift cards. These funds can supplement travel.