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Scarborough Student Leadership Center


The mission of the Scarborough Student Leadership Center (SSLC) is to engage students in developing a personal philosophy of leadership that includes understanding self, others and community. The leadership development program is multifaceted; the goals are to recognize every member of the community as a potential leader, to provide students opportunities to practice leadership, and to empower students to understand and realize their civic responsibilities.


The 8,300 square foot facilities includes a ritual room, board room, The Hargreaves Leadership Library, catering kitchen, conference room, meeting room and student group space.  Priority is given to student groups.

SSLC Reservations Policy

During the first three weeks of each semester, preference for room reservations in the Scarborough Student Leadership Center will be given to students and recognized student clubs and organizations. Those recognized student groups interested in meeting in the SSLC are encouraged to plan ahead and make reservations prior to or during the first three weeks of the semester.

Complete the online request form to request space. A confirmation will be sent via email to the contact person identified on the request form. Please do not advertise the event until you receive the confirmation.