Creating A New Organization

You can create your own on-campus Registered Student Organization through the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership! Use the guides and templates below to preview the steps to registering your new student organization.

How-To Guide & Constitution Template

Requirements for New Student Organizations

SU students interested in registering a new student organization on campus must submit a registration form through the Involved@SU platform. Requirements for a new organization include having at least 10 SU students interested in joining, assigned Executive Board officer positions, a faculty or staff advisor, and a CSIL-approved constitution.

New organization registration will be open through the end of the second week of the fall and spring semesters. Once the registration process has begun, any new organizations will begin as special interest groups for one full semester. Upon completing a full semester, the interest group would register as an organization and be assigned an organization type (operational, event-based, supply-based, sports clubs, etc.). The requirements for registered student organizations include attending CSIL Training Sessions and monthly SGA Forums, as well as maintaining an active Involved@SU page.

RSO Benefits

Once established as a registered student organization, the group’s members and Executive Board officers are offered tremendous benefits and access to campus resources. The organization will be provided assistance from CSIL staff for event planning and operating, as well as support from departments such as Event Technical Services, Support Services, and the Publications Office. Additionally, the organization will be granted access to a financial account, aided with funding and travel procedures, added to the Event Management System to request space for events and meetings, and provided new marketing channels, including a table at the fall and spring Involvement Fairs, an Involved@SU page, and advertisements in the CSIL Daily Email.

RSO Advisors

All SU registered student organizations are required to have an advisor who is a full time SU employee. An advisor serves as a resource for the student organization providing guidance to the student leaders. They may have expertise or general interest in the subject area. The advisor’s role in the organization will depend on the development of the organization itself and the leadership skills of the executive board. A newly formed organization may need more direction than a well-established organization. In times of leadership turn over, the advisor provides continuity between the old leadership and new leadership. Newly formed student organizations select their own advisor. This advisor remains in service until they no longer wish to serve, or the organization feels the need to find a new advisor. A decision to change advisors, whether initiated by the students or by the advisors themselves, should involve clear communication between all parties. Updates should be entered in Involved@SU and CSIL must be notified.

RSO Advisor Commitment Form