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Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Sigma Pi Fraternity has been placed on administrative suspension. The terms of this suspension include:

  • All activities, meetings, and/or events must be suspended. This includes but is not limited to your participation in intramurals or other athletic activities, social events, Greek Week preparations, or brotherhood events.
  • The chapter will not be permitted to attend council meetings and does not have a vote in any fraternity or sorority business on campus.
  • The chapter may not participate in or sponsor campus-wide or FSL-wide events.
  • The chapter must discontinue the new member education program and new member activities unless an international leadership consultant or other international representative approved by our office is present and the activities are on campus.
  • The chapter may not recruit any additional new members.

SU Fraternity & Sorority Mission Statement

Salisbury University fraternities and sororities are rich in history and tradition, dedicated to the betterment of all who come in contact with them, and strive for excellence in all aspects of fraternal life. The privileges and obligations of membership, taken under oath through ritual, bind members to their respective chapters and to the greater Fraternity and Sorority Life Community. In support of the Salisbury University Mission, they are committed to the fulfillment of the following core values: