Advisory Board


  • Chair:  Cindy Cowall
  • Vice-Chair:  Holly Hearne
  • Treasurer:  Tammy Kilgore
  • Recording Secretary: Ginger Rizzi
  • Corresponding Secretary: Dina McIntyre

The Faces Behind the Magic

SSO Advisory Board Fall 2018 photo

Bottom Row:  Cindy Cowall (Chair), Kaitlyn Grigsby-Hall, Holly Hearne (Vice-Chair), William Folger
Top Row:  Ginger Rizzi (Recording Secretary), Mike Bireley, Tammy Kilgore (SSO Manager), Dina McIntyre (Corresponding Secretary), Mike Wessels
Missing from photo:  Gerard Hogan, Karen Niedfeldt, Maarten Pereboom, Nancy Rubenson, Rachel Runge, Jeffrey Schoyen and Michael Stefanek

Cynthia Cowall - Chair Bio

Cynthia Cowall (Cindy) grew up in a rural area of Ohio where country and bluegrass were the mainstays of music. However she came to know classical music playing trombone in her high school band and singing in the chorus. While a student at Ohio State University and taking a class in Music Appreciation, she became totally smitten with the classical genre. As her family moved from Philadelphia to Washington DC, and then to the Eastern Shore, she always found a classical music radio station to enjoy. Cindy also enjoyed singing in Asbury Choir for many years while living in Salisbury. Now retired from a faculty position at Salisbury, she has taken up piano lessons for the first time, and thus continues her love of music.

Cindy considers it a pleasure to have served on the SSO Advisory for several years, and looks forward to leading the group into the future.

Cindy Cowall