Salisbury University students on campus

Musician Spotlights

Student Spotlight

Olivia Kuntz

  1. Student Spotlight Olivia KuntzWhy did you pick SU?
    I transferred to SU after I completed one year of community college. I chose SU because the campus was gorgeous, close to the beach, and because I really liked the programs they have to offer here. I was really excited to learn that non-music majors could join almost any ensemble, because I still wanted to be able to play violin in college. I couldn't get involved with music at the community colleges I attended my freshman year, so it was a nice change of pace when I got here!
  2. When did you start playing an instrument?
    I started playing instruments right around when I was 3 or 4. None of them stuck until I began taking violin lessons when I was 8, and I've been playing it since. I still like to play around with other instruments, too, but violin has been my main instrument for a long time.
  3. Who is your favorite musician?
    My favorite musician is Hillary Hahn! Her technique is impeccable, and I look up to her a lot! Her violin sounds like it sings when she plays, and she has so much passion for what she does. She also did a video with TwoSetViolin on YouTube a few years ago that was pretty funny where she did violin challenges with really difficult violin pieces.
  4. What is your favorite SSO moment?
    This would probably have to be when we played the Super Mario Bros. theme at the children's concert in the spring. It was really cool to see how excited the kids got when they heard us play a song from a video game they were all familiar with. They were so happy when we finished playing and gave us a ton of applause!
  5. What is your favorite Dr. Schoyen moment?
    I came up to him at the end of one of our concerts with my parents and told him I was really happy to be part of the orchestra here. I thanked him for the positive vibes and encouraging environment the orchestra has, and he assured me that he does his best to keep the orchestra a positive place for students and the community, and he said he was glad I could join the orchestra, too. It made me feel like my presence mattered and that I wasn't just "there." My place in the orchestra mattered, even if I'm just one person in a section of many.
  6. What are your future plans and aspirations?
    I plan on getting a job in either Public Relations or Public Affairs after I graduate and getting a place where I can have my rabbit live comfortably with me.

Community Spotlight

Buck Burton

  1. Community Spotlight Buck BurtonWhy and when did you start playing music?
    1970 in Jr. High.
  2. What are some struggles or challenges, if any, you have overcome in your musical career?
    After teaching Band for 29 years I was told that the next year I would also be teaching Beginning Orchestra. I was quite familiar with the bass but my struggle came with the violin being strung just the opposite from my bass. I'm now 43 years into my teaching career.
  3. When did you join the SSO as a community member?
    I joined SSO in the Fall of 2016.
  4. When you are not performing with the SSO, what do you do?
    I teach Beginning Band and Orchestra for Wicomico County Public Schools.
  5. Tell us something that we would be surprised to know about you.
    On the weekends I'm involved in the antique car and truck hobby. When that season is over I set up an HO model train display in the garage for the Winter.
  6. Who or what inspired you that was not music-related?
    The love and support my parents gave me in all of my endeavors.
  7. Favorite SSO piece of music to play and/or to hear?
    Mary Did You Know
  8. Favorite Jeff Schoyen conductor story?
    Dr. Schoyen's daughter was enrolled in one of my elementary schools. I was nervous about teaching her the viola because I knew she already played quite well. Fortunately she signed up for trumpet! Sorry, that was more of a Schoyen family story.