Salisbury University students on campus

Maryland Bird City Bird Campus

Salisbury University speaks for the birds, and not just seagulls!

Bird Campus LogoThe Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership has designated Salisbury University a “High Flyer” Maryland Bird Campus. The Maryland Bird Campus program requirements encompass:

  1. Habitat Creation, Protection, and Monitoring
  2. Campus Forest, Tree, and Habitat Management
  3. Limiting or Removing Threats to Birds
  4. Education, Curriculum, Research, and Service Learning
  5. Campus Energy and Sustainability
  6. World Migratory Bird Day

Salisbury University’s initiative focuses on three main goals:

  1. To make SU a better home for birds by providing habitat, shelter, water and a place to raise their young.
  2. To reduce dangers to birds on campus.
  3. To educate students and the community about the problems faced by birds, and what they can do to be proactive.

Accomplishments thus far include:

  1. On campus installation of nest boxes suitable for different species of song birds (chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, northern flickers, bluebirds, swallows, robins and phoebes) and screech owls.
  2. Collaboration with the City of Salisbury to install nest boxes in the City Park.
  3. Initiated construction a Chimney Swift tower on campus.
  4. Identified areas on campus with high prevalence of bird deaths from collisions with windows; remediation measures are underway.
  • Different size nest boxes built for campus
  • Bird Eggs shown on a nest cam
  • Bird in its nest shown from a nest cam