Green Fund

The Salisbury University Green Fund is a unique program designed to improve environmental sustainability at SU by giving students a say in how their sustainability fees are spent.

solar picnic bench

Charging Stations!

This picnic bench, with solar panels that power device-charging stations below, is one of the most visible Green Fund projects on campus.

Student Founded, Student Supported

Proposed by the Student Government Association and passed by student votes, the Green Fund supports projects proposed by students or student-faculty teams. Students even make up the majority of the Green Fund review board’s members (five students, three staff and one faculty member). This board reviews all proposals received and approves expenditures for those selected.

Submit Your Idea!

Have an idea for a Green Fund project? Send it in! All proposal teams must include at least one student and at least one faculty or staff advisor. Students may apply for funds on behalf of student organizations, as well. Ready to start? Check out the submission guidelines and download the application.

My Project Was Selected! What's Next?

The Green Fund board will work with you and your team or advisor to make your proposal a reality! Projects must be completed within one year from the date of funding. (Multi-year projects require re-approval each year.)

Occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may affect a project delivery schedule or other aspects of the plan. In these cases, funding recipients may petition the board for additional time or modifications to the project scope or funding (only one petition allowed per project). Petitioners must clearly state their issues, proposed solutions and how they will impact the end result. The board will review petitions on a case-by-case basis.

What Does a Successful Project Look Like?

The Green Fund has supported some 65 projects since its establishment in 2015. Learn about them below!

Past and Current Projects