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We offer training, both in-person and online, to minimize risks to employees and to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations. Each campus department is ultimately responsible for ensuring that its employees have received the training required for their specific job functions.

The following table is provided to assist supervisors with determining what training requirements exist for certain job tasks. The list is not all inclusive.

Task Training Frequency
Blood/body fluid contact likely Bloodborne Pathogens Annual
Service equipment >50 volts CPR & First Aid Every 2 years
Operate forklift or similar machine Powered Industrial Truck Every 3 years
Enter confined space Confined Space Entry Every 3 years
Emergency awareness Emergency Procedures/Fire Extinguisher (online) Once*
Work with chemicals Hazard Communication Once*
Service energized equipment Lockout/Tagout Once*
Work that involves spark-producing tools, or that produces a source of ignition Hot work awareness Once*
Welding Welding safety Once*
Trenching >4 feet depth Excavation & Trenching Safety Once*
Erect or work on scaffolds Scaffold Safety Once*
Use of aerial lift Aerial Lift Safety Once*
Elevated Work areas >4 feet Fall Protection Once*
Use personal protective equip. Personal Protective Equipment Once*
Work in laboratory Laboratory Safety Once*
Wear dust masks Respirator Awareness Once*
Wear respirators Respirators, Medical Evaluation and fit test annually Once*
Operate heavy or specialized equipment Manufacturer training and/or tractor safety Once*

For a full list of online training modules we are able to offer, visit the Webnet Online Safety Training website.