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Office Safety

Office, Corridors and Emergency Egress

In order to provide a safe and orderly environment for all of the University community and to meet the requirements of the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code, Environmental Safety conducts annual inspections of all occupied University facilities. These walk-throughs are used to identify potential areas of concern relating to fire and general safety. It is the goal of Environmental Safety to maintain safe work areas and means of egress. The survey looks for the following items:

  • exit doors closing properly and unobstructed
  • no storage in exit corridors or stairwells
  • stairs in good condition and properly lighted
  • fire extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations accessible
  • emergency lighting operational
  • no overloaded electrical outlets
  • electrical extension cords only used on a temporary basis
  • storage areas maintained at least 18 inches below sprinkler elevation

Once deficiencies are noted, Environmental Safety works with the department head or custodian of the area towards remediation.

Office Ergonomics

Our campus, like any other large organization, responds to requests for analysis and evaluation of the workplace design, accident investigation, preventive measures and training. Ergonomics seeks to fit the job to the person rather than the person to the job. The aim of the ergonomics is to prevent the development of occupational disorders and to reduce the potential for fatigue, error, or unsafe acts through the evaluation and design of facilities, environments, jobs, tasks, tools, equipment, processes, and training methods to match the capabilities of specific workers. Please contact Environmental Safety @6-6485 if you have questions.

Some Ergonomics Websites are: