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QM Certified Courses

Official QM course reviews are comprised of a QM certified peer-review team (subject matter expert, internal and external reviewer). When a course has met the QM Standards, the course will achieve the QM Certification Mark and be recognized below as well as on the QM website. Certification is valid for three years; however, the course can request recertification which allows the original QM Certification to be extended for up to three more years.

Current QM Certified Courses

Course Name Faculty Certification Date
HLSC 201 - Medical Terminology (internal review) Christina Camillo May 16, 2024
HLTH 110 - Foundations of Public Health Education Kwonchan Jeon February 27, 2024
EXSC 317 - Nutrition, Health, and Human Performance Lisa Marquette July 7, 2023
SOWK 200 - Introduction to the Social Work Profession Amanda Hill June 19, 2023
EXSC 300 - Health & Fitness Programs and Professions Autumn Romanowski June 15, 2023
NURS 742 - Quality Improvement in Healthcare Nicole Hall & Jeffrey Willey May 16, 2023
HLTH 315 - Community Nutrition Ashley Petrolino May 9, 2023
NURS 544 - Quantitative Research in Health Care Annette Barnes & Mary DiBartolo May 4, 2023
EXSC 325 - Obesity Prevention and Treatment Lisa Marquette July 27, 2022
HHPF 502 - Introduction to Research Laura Marinaro June 30, 2022

Past QM Certified Courses

Course Name Faculty Member Certification Date
INFO 211 - Information Systems Concepts for Management Kathie Wright February 22, 2007