Salisbury University students on campus

NCUR 2015

NCUR 2015 logoGraduate Studies and Research sponsors a Travel Grant Award Program which enables outstanding SU undergraduate students to present their research, creative or scholarly projects at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

Each year, Undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the US and representing all academic disciplines, gather to present their research, creative or scholarly projects. NCUR creates a unique environment to celebrate and promote exemplary student achievement which serves to advance and enrich undergraduate education.

The 29th annual NCUR event was hosted by Eastern Washington University in Spokane, WA from April 16th through April 18th. Once again, Salisbury University enjoyed great success, as indicated by the impressive delegations who attended this prestigious conference. Fifteen SU students from all four academic schools presented their work:

  • Sarah Armentrout presented: "New Beginnings: Potential Solutions for the Israel Palestine Conflict"

  • Travis Colflesh presented: "Men of Liberty"

  • Dylan Craig presented: "Gender Roles: More Than Two"

  • Victoria Hoyos presented: "Death, A Part of Life: Do Personal Death Experiences Result in More Mortality Salience?"

  • Brooke Feichtl presented: "The Sick Rose: Blake's Private/Public Declaration for Sexual Freedom"

  • Alexandra Fox presented: "Influence of France and Scotland on the Treaty of Haddington"

  • Alexandra Karner presented: "Captain Elam Lynds: A Prison Warden's Determination to Discipline over Rehabilitation"

  • Kristen Kent presented: "Developing Proficiency in Grade 6 Common Core Statistics"

  • Andrea Korrell presented: "Antioxidant Effects of Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid on Oxidative Stress in Caenorhabditis Elegans"

  • Laura Nutter presented: "'Bronte's Franco-British Heroine: Lucy Snowe's French Revolution i Villette"

  • Andrew Olah presented: "Creating a Scale to Assess Volunteer Attitudes of High School Students"

  • Marguerite Pedersen presented: "Words and Surprises: The Battle of Trenton and George Washington's Victory"

  • Alexis Perno presented: "Developing Fraction Proficiency in Fourth Grade Mathematics"

  • Erica Roberts presented: "Abigail Adams: A Woman Caught Between Two Roles"

  • Harrison Schaire presented: "The Aten under Akhenaten: Emergence and Domination"