Salisbury University students on campus

"SU @ NCUR" 2018

NCUR 2018 LogoThe Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities sponsors a Travel Grant Award Program which enables outstanding SU undergraduate students to present their research, creative or scholarly projects at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Each year, Undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the US and representing all academic disciplines, gather to present their research, creative or scholarly projects. NCUR creates a unique environment to celebrate and promote exemplary student achievement which serves to advance and enrich undergraduate education.

The 32nd annual NCUR event was hosted by Central Oklahoma University in Edmond, Oklahoma from April 4th through April 7th. Once again, Salisbury University enjoyed great success, as indicated by the impressive delegations who attended this prestigious conference.  Thirty-two SU students from all four academic schools presented their work:

  • Shannon McHenry presented “Salisbury and Wicomico County Employment Support: Helping the Community Help Itself”
  • Alexis Larson presented “A Study on the Effects of Opioid Prescription Practices”
  • Samuel Stevens presented “Guerilla War versus Civil War: American Counterinsurgency in the Philippines 1899-1902 and Vietnam 1965-1972”
  • Corinne Sherry presented “Click and Consume: Implementation Strategies for Success in E-commerce”
  • Patrick Miller presented “The correlation between neuronal morphology and frequency sensitivities in songbirds”
  • Jenna Miller & Abhishek Purohit presented “Optimizing the Rapid Synthesis of Oxazoles”
  • Olivia Husby presented “Be a Part”
  • Jasmine Fuller presented “Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, Measuring the Impact on Farm Production”
  • Samantha Labb presented “Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Synthesis of a Tetra-aza Ligand”
  • Amanda Rocker presented “Migration of sensory neurons following chemical-genetic ß-cell ablation in larval zebrafish”
  • Melissa Vaaltyn presented “Sequence Analysis of napA Diversity in the Beaver Dam Creek Watershed”
  • Jennifer Isacoff presented “Cleanliness, Conservatism, and Climate Change: The Effects of Reminders of Physical Cleansing on Reactions toward Climate Change”
  • Emma DePanise presented “Every Metal Grate: Exploring Identity as a Social Construct”
  • Brielle McQuiston presented “Beauty and the Corporate Beast: Paradoxical Marketing”
  • Austin Dabbs presented “Aglocam: The Present, Past, and Future of Growth of a Small Company”
  • Jade Gomez presented “Gender Differences in Reports of How Children Learn and the Accuracy of Their Memories”
  • Kateria Rodriguez presented “Brothers of A Different Kind: The Formation of Race Relations of African-Americans with Seminoles and Cherokee Indians From 1790-1860”
  • Cody Strouth presented “Sherlock Holmes: Doyle’s Liberated Detective against the Metropolitan Police Bureaucracy”
  • Arielle Tesoriero presented “Escaping Bustles and Bird Cages in The Awakening”
  • Valerie Abbott presented “Native Americans in the Court Systems of the Chesapeake Bay Region: How Two Colonies Took Drastically Different Paths”
  • Emily Cox presented “Girls (Boys) Innovation Academy”
  • Julia Miller presented “Efficient Synthesis of 3-(piperidin-4-yl)-3,4-dihydroquinazolin-2(1H)-one (PDQ)”
  • Liana Foianini presented “Play for Pay: Division III Colleges and Athletic Scholarships”
  • Grace Malcom presented “Geometric Distribution of order r and its Application to Financial Market”
  • Shelby Stotelmyer presented “Stereoselective Synthesis of the Selective Serotonin 5-HT2A Agonist (2S,6S)-2-(4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxybenzyl)-6-(2-methoxyphenyl)piperidine”
  • Jessica Keister presented “Man’s Best Friend, or Man’s Biggest Profit: How the Economy Encourages Violence Towards Dogs”
  • Rachel Pierson presented “Digging into Ditches: A Historical and Geographic Analysis of Delmarva's Agricultural Drainage Ditches”
  • Tara Ward presented “The Lore of Gipsydom in Wuthering Heights; From Gypsy Brat to Gipsy Gentleman”
  • Kayla Davis presented “Changes in Student Conceptions of Fraction Multiplication”
  • Mary Foley presented “PRESTO Music Lessons: Creating a Summer Music Program for Children”
  • Megan Rickards presented “A Case Study of Children's Initial Learning of Probability”
  • Genevieve Kurtz presented “Social Media and the Youth Vote”