Salisbury University students on campus

NCUR 2014

ncur 2014 logoGraduate Studies and Research sponsors a Travel Grant Award Program which enables outstanding SU undergraduate students to present their research, creative or scholarly projects at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).

Each year, Undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the US and representing all academic disciplines, gather to present their research, creative or scholarly projects. NCUR creates a unique environment to celebrate and promote exemplary student achievement which serves to advance and enrich undergraduate education.

The 27th annual NCUR event was hosted by the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY from April 3rd through April 5th. Once again, Salisbury University enjoyed great success, as indicated by the impressive delegations who attended this prestigious conference. Twenty five SU students from all four academic schools presented their work:

  • Alysha Allen presented: "The Advent of the Masculinized Woman in Romantic Literature"

  • Elora Amtower presented: "Rise of the Ancient Mariner: Christianity’s Incompatibility with Inherent Human Inquisition"

  • Asha Azariah-Kribbs presented: "Faeries and Visions: The Use of Medieval Conventions in Romantic Literature"

  • Hannah Benden presented: "Darkness Lurking within William Blake’s Songs of Innocence"

  • Amanda Biederman presented: "Temperature and LDH activity in the Atlantic killifish" and "Science 2.0: Evolution into a New Media World"

  • William Castor presented: "Comparability of a weightlifting accelerometer to an infrared photocell timing system during repeated 1kg drop trials"

  • Steven Cenname presented: "Shades of Green and Blue: An examination of the Relationship between the Democratic Party and the Green Party in America"

  • Hillary Daye presented: "Allen Research Project"

  • Patrick Ferrara presented: "Comparability of a weightlifting accelerometer to an infrared timing system during bench press exercise performed with different concentric muscle actions"

  • Alexandra Fox presented: "'Bloody' Mary, Quite Contrary: The Original Perspectives on Queen Mary I"

  • Erika Gerhold presented: "The Multiplicative Structure of the Group of Units of Quotient Rings"

  • Marguerite Gilchrist presented: "The effects of kinesiology tape on performance of the triceps surae through functional testing in collegiate athletes"

  • Anthony Grayson presented: "But We Are Different: The Loss of Gay Culture in the Face of Mainstream Assimilation"

  • Thomas Green presented: "The Human Geography of Assateague Island"

  • Artura Jackson presented: "Allen Research Project"

  • Bernice Jere presented: "How we should address aid in Zimbabwe, for a better tomorrow"

  • Ashley Jeter presented: "Relationship Aggression on College Campuses"

  • Matthew Mignosa presented: "Student Melatonin Use and Knowledge"

  • Edwin Miranda presented: "Test-Retest Reliability of Tendo Weightlifting Analyzers With Recreational and Explosive Contractions During Bench Press Exercise"

  • Cassandra Newcomb presented: "Kawaii Ambassadors: Interpreting Cuteness and Femininity in Japanese and American Cultures"

  • Elena Ramirez presented: "Civil Conflict, Education, and Child Labor: A Look at Afghanistan"

  • Amanda Tees-Bulgarelli presented: "Rivalry, Betrayal, and Blood: The Relationship Between Lady Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, and Queen Elizabeth I"

  • Shealyn Tucker presented: "Isomorphic Circulant Graphs and Applications to Homogeneous Linear Systems"

  • Joseph Watso presented: "Reliability of A Weightlifting Accelerometer During Repeated 1 kg Drop Trials"

  • Rebecca Zimmerman presented: "Relationship Aggression on College Campuses"