Salisbury University students on campus

The Salisbury Abroad: France Oral Presentation

In addition to courses taken at the CIEF, students enrolled in The Salisbury Abroad: France program are required to give a public oral presentation on their experience abroad upon their return. The date and place of the event will be communicated to you when you return.


Speaking time of 7 minutes, in English

Content and format

This presentation will be a self-reflection and an analysis of your experience abroad. It is not an orientation presentation for students going abroad in the future (ie. a how-to presentation that provides information on the steps to study abroad, what to do in France, etc.)

Throughout your presentation, you will address the following questions:

  1. What did I learn about myself/France/being a foreigner/the importance of traveling, diversity and global awareness?
  2. How did this experience allow me to acquire a deeper understanding of the French language and culture and/or my native language and culture?
  3. How did this experience change my opinion on France/my outlook on (my) life/my future plans?
  4. What part of this experience did I find the most interesting culturally? Why?
  5. What did /do I plan to integrate from this experience into my own (daily) life?

Make sure the content of your presentation is relatable by illustrating each of your statements with concrete examples from your daily life, your studies, your interactions, etc. in France (ie. what specific experiences in France made you change in the ways you are describing in your presentation.)

Your presentation should be clear (well-structured and easy to follow), and entertaining (use visuals, an upbeat tone, pauses, a moderate speaking pace and make eye contact).

You may use notes (no full sentences). NB: your notes will be collected after your presentation.

Use PowerPoint slides to guide the audience through your presentation, provide visuals and introduce French words/proper names that are essential for your topic. Text should remain minimal.

You may use videos (under 1 minute) to make your presentation more lively, clear and relatable. The time spent showing videos will not count as speaking time.

The oral component of this assignment is very important: practice, practice, practice!

Structure of your presentation

  1. a short introduction (3-4 sentences)
  2. a structured presentation (present your ideas in a well-organized way)
  3. a short conclusion (3-4 sentences)