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Anthropology Track

Anthropology bridges the humanities-science divide, examining humanity across the widest possible perspective, from our biological origins, through the prehistoric past and into the full diversity of our modern cultural and social differences. It promotes not only a better understanding of others and our cross-cultural interactions, but also of ourselves. With a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Anthropology, you’ll examine and understand the cultural and social conditions of those who came before us as well as the similar conditions we face in our modern world.

Why Choose Anthropology at SU?

In the Interdisciplinary Studies: Anthropology track, you’ll gain a broad knowledge of human biological and cultural diversity in the past and present, an ability to think critically about the often-contentious issues raised by this diversity and the skills to communicate knowledge and opinions through a wide variety of media. Anthropology provides an interdisciplinary foundation for graduate work in the social sciences and a useful background for you to work with people from other cultures.

There are a variety of options open to those who pursue studies in anthropology. The largest employer of cultural anthropologists is the United States federal government, followed by Google. Archaeologists work in federal and state agencies, and for cultural resource management firms, to identify and preserve evidence for our past. Biological anthropologists engage in investigative work in forensic crime labs and help us understand how our behaviors impact our health. Linguistic anthropologists help us understand each other; work to preserve or revive threatened languages; and even create realistic languages for fictional worlds in Hollywood.

Learn more about our IDIS Anthropology Major

SU offers an in-depth educational experience in the field of anthropology. For those wanting to add a little anthropology to their major studies, consider pursuing the anthropology minor.