Salisbury University students on campus

Research and Internship Opportunities

As a way of learning about humanity, anthropology emphasizes field research: going out into the world to talk to and live with different people; and to search for fossils of our ancestors or archaeological sites and their artifacts. To find out whether anthropology is what you want to pursue as a career, learn valuable research skills, and start building a professional social network, it’s good to participate in experiential opportunities as well as coursework. These might include working in Salisbury University’s Archaeology Lab or a museum as an intern; taking a field school course in ethnography or archaeology; conducting an independent research project and presenting at a professional conference; or volunteering with local or regional organizations.

Scholarships and grants are available to help students take advantage of these opportunities, from Salisbury University as well as from professional organizations. Links to some of these opportunities and resources are available below. Talk to Doctor Ragan for help finding the specific opportunities and resources that will suit your particular interests in anthropology!

Internships and Field Schools

Internship and field school opportunities for students can be found at the links below.  Always be sure to research these opportunities fully before applying.

Getting real-world experience in your discipline is very valuable, both for acquiring skills and building a professional network of people who might be interested in hiring you in the future or who could write you letters of recommendation for graduate school or jobs.  

Anthropology is also an excellent background for those interested in international programs such as Fulbright and Critical Language Scholarships. Check out Salisbury University’s Nationally Competitive Fellowship Office for details on these!

Professional Associations

Professional Associations provide an array of essential resources for aspiring and current anthropologists. The following list of anthropological associations is worth exploring.