Research and Internship Opportunities

Here are some resources for students interested in anthropology. There are research materials for class projects, internship and field opportunities and professional organization that provide additional info that may be useful to you.

Internships and Field Schools

Internship and field school opportunities for students can be found at the links below.  Always be sure to research these opportunities fully before applying.

Getting real-world experience in your discipline is very valuable, both for acquiring skills and building a professional network of people who might be interested in hiring you in the future or who could write you letters of recommendation for graduate school or jobs.  As opportunities become available in the region, they will be posted here.  If you know of any opportunities not listed here, please let me know.


Resources for Research:

Below are several important links to resources and databases that may provide students with access to high quality articles and other materials.

Professional Associations

Professional Associations provide an array of essential resources for aspiring and current anthropologists. The following list of links to several anthropological associations is worth exploring.