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Updates to Campus Building Access & Hours for SU Students

Dear Students,

Your new-look Gull Card has improved capabilities for accessing and gaining entry to buildings campus-wide. If you haven’t done so already, make sure you pick up your new Gull Card from the SU Bookstore.

All members of the campus community should carry their Gull Card with them while on campus. Not only is it your key to door access, it is necessary for accessing services throughout the University. Upgrades have been made to campus buildings to coincide with the Gull Card improvements. To promote a safer campus for all, and provide extended use of campus buildings, you will now use your Gull Card to gain access to buildings on campus.

On-campus residents will have 24-hour access to their residence hall with their Gull Card. For all other buildings on campus, access is available during the regularly scheduled building hours. Students visiting other residence halls will need to be escorted by a building resident.

Door Access Issues: If you have a card malfunction, problems gaining access to a door you believe you should have access to, or need to change permissions for door access, please contact the Gull Card Office. Remember, to properly activate a door, hold your Gull Card to the exterior reader – it will flash blue – hold the card over the reader until it turns green.

Lost Gull Card: Should you unfortunately lose your Gull Card – no problem! Stop by the SU Bookstore for a new one. (Note: While your first Gull Card is free, a $25 replacement fee applies for lost or damaged cards.)

Unlocking Doors for an Event: For special events or meetings being held on campus during “off-hours” – please make arrangements with Conference Services to have the necessary doors unlocked for the event by contacting