Salisbury University students on campus

Door Access

Most doors on campus are equipped with locks that open with the swipe of a Gull Card. Students, faculty and staff may be granted access to certain doors by following the instructions below.

Contacts for Help

  • Student Access to Housing: Contact your resident director
  • Student Access to Classrooms/Labs: Contact your instructor
  • Student Employee Access: Contact your supervisor
  • Faculty/Staff Access: Contact your immediate supervisor


For help with Gull Card problems including Door Access, please visit the Gull Card Support Center. Remember, you can test your card for access even when a particular door or area is scheduled to be open.

Most doors on campus contain one of two types of locks. Proximity locks are found on most building exteriors and computer lab doors. They require you to swipe your Gull Card in front of the reader to gain access. Remember, when the light turns green, your card is accepted. If it turns red, your card is denied.

Onity locks are used to gain access to areas such as residence hall rooms, offices and classrooms. They are physically programmed and require you to drop your Gull Card into a reader to gain access. Access may be denied if the card or the magnetic strip on the back is damaged.