SU Residence Hall Move-Out Suspended as of 8 p.m. March 30

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De-Stress Before the Test!

Hard though it is to believe, since it feels like the semester just started, finals are right around the corner. We would like to repeat our “De-Stress” activities from last spring and ask your help with funding.

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Spotlight on Student Workers: Jesse Drewer

Jesse Drewer, born and raised in Crisfield, MD, commutes from his hometown to SU, where he is a senior who will graduate this fall. Jesse is a hardworking guy, holding down campus jobs in the Financial Aid Office as well as at the SU Libraries.

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Highlighting Student Work: A Global Impact

It used to be that when a student wrote a thesis, it would be bound and placed in Blackwell Library’s thesis collection. Chances are it would just sit and gather dust (well, if we admit that dust does gather in libraries), never to see the light of day. Not so anymore!

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Out of the Box

Did you know the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture has 1950s movie posters from India? A memoir written by a teenage girl in 1830s New York for her parents? Several scrapbooks and albums from students in the 1920s at what is now SU? Six “Mental Photograph” books that people would have their friends fill out in the late 1800s? A ledger from a ship that sailed from the Wicomico River to the Caribbean in 1767? The papers of the first African American professor at SU...

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