Salisbury University students on campus

Computer Science Major - Foundations, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Focus

Computer technology has become an integral part of our everyday life and changed the way people live and conduct business. People who become professionals in computer technology have enormous number of opportunities. Computer science majors at Salisbury University receive state-of-the-art education in computer science as well as the mathematical principles upon which it rests.

Why Choose the Foundations, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence Program at Salisbury University?

With the enormous amount of data available, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes even better and is in our everyday life: from recommending music based on preference to self-driving vehicles. The demand for AI professionals is also growing explosively. This focus studies the theoretical foundations underlying computing and practical algorithm development, and explores several computing disciplines such as computer graphics, high performance computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Students who complete this focus are prepared to be competitive candidates for positions such as AI data scientists, machine learning consultants, computer graphics and game developers, or attend graduate schools to purse advanced degrees in machine learning and artificial intelligence research.

Careers for Foundations, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence Program Graduates

What jobs can you get with a focus in foundations, algorithms, and artificial intelligence within the computer science major? The field is open! A computer science major could pursue a variety of rewarding careers. SU graduates have worked as software engineers at large corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Yelp, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton and JP Morgan, as well as government agencies such as NASA and NSA. Possible career paths for our computer science majors include:

  • Artificial intelligence specialist/developer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data science/machine learning specialist
  • Machine learning
  • Researcher

Some of our students also majoring in computer science decide to continue their studies in graduate school, and their solid undergraduate education and research experience have helped them get accepted by many prestigious graduate programs.