Salisbury University students on campus

Guest Guide

Air Conditioning

In order for Salisbury University to offer its residence hall facilities at low rates it is necessary to conserve energy whenever possible. Because most conferences are in the residence halls a limited amount of time during the day, the University will only provide air conditioning Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. Air conditioning will be provided on weekends continuously from 5 p.m. on Friday through 7 a.m. Monday.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are permitted for those of legal drinking age (21 years or older). Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed inside guest rooms or enclosed hall lounges. The public consumption of alcohol is not permitted outside of the residence halls unless it is a scheduled function utilizing our university catering services. In the event your group is sharing the residence hall with any youth camps or organizations, alcohol use is only permitted inside of guest rooms.

Assistance/Conference Desk

The Conference Desk is located in Manokin Hall and is open daily. The Conference Desk will be staff by a Conference Assistant (CA) from 8 a.m. to midnight daily. To reach the Conference Desk from an on-campus phone between the hours of 8 a.m. to midnight, dial 4-2045 or dial 410-334-2045 from any other phone. Between midnight and 8 a.m. please call 443-397-2571. CA’s live in Dogwood Village throughout the summer and are here to assist all guests as needed, especially after hours when the Office of Housing and Residence Life is closed. Between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m. daily, CA’s complete hourly walking rounds of all occupied residence halls. During the hours CAs are at the Conference Desk, they are able to assist with maintenance/housekeeping concerns, lockouts, directions to local restaurants, replace lost Gull Cards, etc. After hours, CAs can be reached in their rooms via the Conference Desk telephone number. At times CAs may also need to confront any problems or issues that may be taking place in a building with respect to disruptive behavior, hall sports, facility issues, etc. CAs will be instructed whenever possible to seek out a member of your group’s staff should a problem need to be confronted. If you’d like, we are more than willing to introduce the CA staff to your guests if you hold an orientation session at the start of your group’s visit to allow them to become acquainted with our staff.

Important Campus Phone Numbers:

Severn Conference Desk - 410-548-2357
University Police - 410-543-6222
Salisbury University Switchboard - 410-543-6000
SU Information Desk - 410-543-6006
Housing Office - 410-543-6040
SU Conference Planning - 410-543-6172

Athletic Facilities/Pool

Please check with the Office of Conference Planning regarding the use of the Maggs Physical Activities Center during your group’s visit. Maggs features workout facilities, basketball and volleyball courts, racquetball courts, and a swimming pool. To access Maggs facilities you will need your Gull Card to enter the building. An outdoor volleyball court is available for use behind St. Martin Hall provided the court has not been reserved by another group. Our office would be happy to reserve the court for you during your stay.

Bank/ATM Machines

A SECU (State Employee’s Credit Union) ATM machine is located on campus in the Guerrieri University Center. Please note that the GUC is only open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Within approximately 2 blocks of campus are branch offices for Bank of America, M&T Bank, and BB&T.

Check-Out Procedures

On the day of departure, guests should return their Gull Cards to the pre-determined check-out location. In the event that a guest is unable to check-out at their scheduled departure time they may also check-out and leave their Gull Card at the Conference Desk. There is a replacement cost of $25 for any lost, unreturned, or damaged Gull Cards, which is billed to the camp/conference sponsoring the guest’s visit. The cost for a lost, unreturned, or damaged master key card is $75 and will also be billed to the camp/conference.

Computer/Internet Access

Our residence halls have both Ethernet (you must supply your own network cable) and Wireless access. Unfortunately there is no technical support available after normal University operating hours (M-F 8AM-5PM) to assist with internet issues. If your group made arrangements to have internet access, an access code will be provided to you by the Director of Conference Planning. There are computers located in the Guerrieri University Center for guest use.

Dining Facilities

The Commons is where your group will eat most of its meals, and their hours of operation are dependent on pre-scheduled meal times arranged by the Office of Conference Planning. In addition to our dining hall there are satellite locations in Fulton and Henson Halls, as well as the Academic Commons, which have light snacks, sandwiches, and drinks available for sale. Located in the Guerrieri University Center is our campus internet café, Cool Beans. Cool Beans features Starbucks drinks, fresh smoothies, snacks, and sandwiches. Cool Beans also has internet stations available for use by the campus community and conference guests. Cool Beans’ operating hours are scaled back during the summer and it’s only open during University business hours.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct will not be permitted and is defined as action that annoys, disturbs, interferes with or offends others, regardless of the intent of the doer. Hallways may not be used for group sports or activities. Damage to any college property due to disorderly conduct will result in the camp/conference being billed for repairs and any associated labor costs.

Federal/State Law

Salisbury University prohibits the violation of Federal and State law on its campus. The Salisbury University Police Department is staffed by police officers with full arrest powers in the State of Maryland.


Room and apartment furniture, furnishings, linens, etc. cannot be removed from a room or apartment. Furniture may not be removed from common areas such as lounges and placed in a room or apartment, and vice versa for room furniture. Please be advised that any rearranging of furniture will be billed as a service fee to the camp/conference. We are pleased that a majority of our residence halls contain furniture recently purchased within the past several years. Damage to furniture will result in the camp/conference being billed for repair and/or replacement costs.

Housekeeping/Trash Removal

Housekeeping staff will not enter your room during your stay to clean your room. Small trash bags will be provided at check-in. Trash cans are not provided. Dumpster and recycle centers are located on the perimeter of each residence hall.

Keys (“Gull Card”)

Salisbury University became a “keyless” campus many years ago, and now the Gull Card functions as the key to your room, the bathroom located on your hallway, building lounges, and the front door of the building. It is encouraged that the Gull Card be carried at all times to prevent lockouts, and it is your one-card which contains multiple uses including meals at the dining hall, athletic center access, and pool access (if available). The Gull Card should be handled with care because if bent excessively or broken, it will not be usable and the guest may be charged for the replacement.


The Academic Commons is open Monday through Friday with varying hours if summer classes are in session. Computer access is available during normal operating hours. Please get login information from the information desk in the library. Your username and password for library computers is different than that of your wireless password for your personal computer received from your camp director.

Mail Services

The Campus Post Office is located in the basement of the Commons and mail is sent out twice a day. The post office is fully functioning and can be used for any shipment needs. A stamp machine is also located at the post office. Please check with the Office of Conference Planning if there is a need to have any items shipped or mailed to campus during your group’s visit.


Campus map displays are strategically located at various points on campus. Copies of campus maps can be obtained online, at the Conference Desk, Guerrieri Information Desk, and University Police Dispatch. A campus map is also included in this guide for reference.

Medical Care

Emergency medical care and ambulance service is provided by our local hospital located a few miles north of campus on route 13: Peninsula Regional Medical Center, 100 East Carroll Street, Salisbury, MD (410-543-7418). Walk-in care is also available at: Salisbury Immediate Care and Injury Center, 659 South Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury, MD (410-543-2020).


Parking is free during the summer, and a permit is not required. Parking in unauthorized spaces will result in being ticketed by University Police. To determine the lot closest to your residence hall please visit the Parking Services page.


Due to health and safety concerns pets are not permitted in the residence halls/apartments. There will be a minimum $25 fee charged to the camp/conference if pets are found in the residence halls.

Room Entry

Authorized University personnel have the right of access to guest rooms to respond to health, safety, or maintenance emergencies, violations of University regulations or to complete maintenance or repair work orders.


Smoking is not permitted on campus property. Visitors who violate the Smoke-Free Campus policy may be denied access to the Salisbury University campus. After a warning, visitors who continue to smoke may be escorted off campus and issued a one-year no trespass order. This applies to members of the community who are attending events and guests who have arranged functions through SU’s Office of Conference Planning.


Telephones are not provided in guest rooms. Campus phones are also located on each floor of every building, and can be used to obtain assistance from the Conference Assistant (410-548-3846) or University Police (410-543-6222) by dialing the last 5 digits of their numbers.

University Bookstore

The University Bookstore is located in the basement of the Commons and is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. In addition to campus textbooks, the University Bookstore, books for personal reading, SU paraphernalia, toiletries, greeting cards, gifts, DVD’s/CD’s, novelties, etc.

University Police

The Salisbury University Police Department patrols campus year round 24/7. The jurisdiction of the SUPD is the Salisbury University campus and all adjacent properties belonging to the University. In addition to the SUPD having full arrest powers and enforcing local, state, and federal laws, the SUPD is responsible for all aspects of public safety. Throughout the campus are emergency telephones which can be seen from wherever you are on campus, and have a direct link to police dispatch. The SUPD can assist with lockouts (room and vehicle), provide jumpstarts, campus escort services, etc. Officers working in the department enjoy working in a campus environment and are very helpful in assisting members and guests of the campus community. They can also answer most questions you may have about the University and the surrounding community.


Vending machines are not operated by Salisbury University. Company’s servicing these machines only operate during normal business hours Monday-Friday. Unfortunately we have no control over the operating functions nor refilling of products after hours or on weekends. Should you have a concern regarding a refund, please contact the number posted on the vending machine.