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In accordance with federal and state laws, as well as codes of professional ethics, the Counseling Center protects the confidentiality of information shared in counseling. In addition, no information about whether or not a student is a client at the Counseling Center will be provided to others outside of the Counseling Center without written permission from the client, absent a situation below or a legal requirement mandating disclosure. Staff members do discuss clinical information within the Counseling Center. These consultations are for professional and training purposes only and are aimed at providing the best possible care for all clients. There are a few legally mandated exceptions to confidentiality, however, when these expectations are made there is always an attempt to ensure only necessary information is released. These exceptions are as follows:

  • Current or past abuse of children, elderly individuals, or vulnerable adults
  • Imminent harm to self or others
  • Legally required to release client information, including mental health records, pursuant to compulsory process (e.g., a validly issued subpoena or a valid court order).