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Centennial Challenge

The primary mission of the Office of Development is to seek funding for the students, academic departments, programs, and research and service activities of Salisbury University. As the link between SU and the philanthropic interests of alumni and friends, our purpose is to secure resources to enhance academic and research opportunities for both students and faculty, and to improve the quality of student life.

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Centennial Challenge Graph: 47 of 100 new funds
Last Updated: May 17th

The Centennial Scholars Challenge, issued by President Carolyn Ringer Lepre, presents a special opportunity for supporters of Salisbury University (SU), including alumni and friends, to contribute to students' growth while celebrating the University's approaching centenary milestone. The initiative is an invitation to establish 100 new scholarships and student awards by the end of the 2025-2026 academic year.

This endeavor seeks out individuals and organizations who are ready to step up and join in this effort. By providing financial assistance, these donors play a pivotal role in creating opportunities that will enhance the educational experience and high-impact practices for students at SU. The funds raised through this initiative are aimed at shaping students' futures in meaningful ways by making a world-class, transformative education accessible.

The Centennial Scholars Challenge represents a testament to the commitment of SU's community, including its alumni and friends, to the growth and development of students. By participating in this challenge, donors contribute not only to the educational journey of individual students but also to the broader goal of furthering the University's 100-year legacy of excellence.

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