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Advancement Services

Advancement Services at Salisbury University works to collect, store, update, analyze, and report all information necessary for the optimal functioning of SU's advancement activities in securing private philanthropic support. Faculty, staff, mentors and coaches have valued relationships with students that have a positive impact on their development and future endeavors. It is important for the campus community to have these experiences and accomplishments captured for future use so these campus constituents can participate in various events or to provide segmented communication. Below are descriptions and links to the Data Request Form and the Campus Data Upload Form for review.

Keeping donor and alumni data clean is the lifeblood of relationship building. When requesting information please keep in mind the following:

  • All data that is shared by Advancement Services is for the sole purpose of enhancing the mission of Salisbury University.
  • Data that is shared with current faculty and staff is password protected and should not be shared or kept in a separate database.
  • The database of record is updated every day with new contact information so please ask for a new list each time you are looking to connect with a particular constituent group.
  • Data will not be shared with anyone who is not employed by Salisbury University.
  • Request Online Form

In order for Advancement Services to be able to provide a complete picture of each student’s undergraduate and graduate experience, we must obtain information from across campus to add to the database of record for future use. Information such as student participation in clubs, organizations, Greek life, and athletics are a few of the datapoints that will enhance the database for future requests for events or informational communication. When gathering your data for submission please keep in mind the following:

  • Use Excel when creating your file.
  • Please be sure to use all the fields listed on the form to ensure that the data will load correctly.
  • Double check that the SU Student / Employee ID matches the name fields to ensure accuracy in reporting.
  • Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks if your upload submission is directly related to a subsequent data request.
  • Campus Data Upload Form