students walking under tress on campus

Horticulture & Grounds

Salisbury University’s award-winning Horticulture & Grounds Department maintains the campus’ 200-plus-acre internationally accredited arboretum and helps keep SU litter-free while setting new recycling records practically every year. Next time you look around and think, “What a beautiful campus!” thank a groundskeeper.

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About Our Arboretum

Salisbury University’s campus is a nationally recognized by the American Public Gardens Association as an arboretum. SU is home to more than 500 different species of plants from beautiful flowerbeds to lush woodlands. Most are marked with identification tags for educational purposes. The Horticulture Department strives to landscape all areas of the campus with both rare and unusual plants along with indigenous species in an effort to create and conserve a diverse gene pool. Academic faculty and students play an integral role in supporting and assisting Horticulture with the expansion and upkeep of an extensive data collection and mapping system, unique to SU. Members of the University and surrounding community are encouraged to utilize the resources of the arboretum and grounds for purposes of instruction and education.

Visit the campus Arboretum site to learn more about this amazing collection of plants and sculpture.

Recycling and Sustainability

When we’re not busy pruning and planting, mulching and mowing, we’re making sure the campus stays clean by overseeing trash pickup and collection. What we didn’t realize until the 1990s was that not everything we were throwing away was garbage. In 1990, we began the SU Recycling Program—fairly unique among campuses at the time. Today, along with the Sustainability Office, we recycle everything from paper, plastic, glass and cardboard to batteries, oil, electronics and even food waste. Each year, approximately 50 percent of what we used to call “trash” is recycled!

Need a bulk recycling pickup? Have questions about whether something can be recycled? Call us at 410-543-6283.