• beautiful garden at Salisbury University
  • beautiful garden at Salisbury University
  • trees and flowers on the Salisbury University campus


pink flowers in the arboretumSituated in the heart of the Eastern Shore, The Salisbury University Arboretum holds some of the most horticulturally diverse grounds in the local region.  Salisbury University has a long love for trees dating back to the 1920’s when the institution was founded, celebrated its first Arbor Day, and planted Holloway Hall’s notable Linden trees.

The living plant collections include over 3000 trees and an extensive inventory of individual woody and herbaceous plant species, which are showcased in carefully designed garden spaces, themed gardens and landscape settings throughout the 200 acre campus.  The arboretum features collections of maples, redbuds, crape myrtles, cypresses, magnolias, deciduous azaleas, witch hazels, rhododendrons, vines, hellebores, as well as Maryland State Champion trees, and native and pollinator plants.

Our mission calls for the collection and display of plants for the purpose of “providing an attractive landscape setting, conducive to learning, which demonstrates the diversity of the plant kingdom”.

We invite you to explore and enjoy our arboretum online or in person to discover why Salisbury University is named among our nation’s “50 Most Amazing University Arboretums”.

Let my soul, a shining tree, Silver branches lift towards thee, Where on a hallowed winter’s night, The clear-eyed angels may alight.
Siegfried Sassoon "Tree and Sky"