Salisbury University has a strong institutional commitment to diversity and equal employment opportunities to all qualified people. Therefore, we look to recruit exceptional, student-centered and diverse faculty and staff from across Maryland, the United States and around the world. Salisbury University commits to offer and maintain equal opportunity and diversity in all departments within the University. To accomplish this, Salisbury University is devoted to hiring accomplished faculty and staff who believe and focus on supporting a collaborative, quality learning environment and who are dedicated to excellence.

The Recruiting Process

  1. Upon approval of a position request hiring managers will receive a notice from HR with helpful interview material and a request to meet.
  2. HR will schedule a meeting with the hiring manager to discuss the recruitment strategy and the interview process for the requested position.

Note: If positions are not attracting candidate pools, hiring managers should reach out to HR for additional posting options.

Candidate Selection

  1. Once a finalist has been selected, the hiring manager will complete at least three reference checks.
  2. If the candidate passes the reference checks, the hiring manager will extend a verbal offer.
  3. Once the verbal offer has been accepted, the hiring manager will contact HR and send all interview material.
  4. HR will send the finalist a formal offer letter and the new hire forms.
  5. Once the offer letter has been signed, HR will let the candidate know they must complete the background check process and will reach out to all other candidates to let them know they have not advanced.

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